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Kirtan Darbar 2022 pic 2

Kirtan Darbar 2022

Well done to all the students who took part in this year's Kirtan Darbar which took place on the 6th of August. From SSSEC, 3 jathas took part and sung shabads in the following raags: Raag Sorath, Raag Bihaaghra and Raag Vadhans. Each jatha first introduced the shabad in both Punjabi and English, followed by the shaan, manglacharan and then shabad with taans and alaaps. It was great to see so many of our students playing Sikh heritage instruments so well done. Everyone did very well especially with only 2 weeks of practice!

summer programme 2022

Summer programme 2022

More coming soon

Winter programme ss 2021

Summer programme 2021

More coming soon


Speech Competition 2020

We are very proud of all the students who took part in this year's speech competition on the 15th of March. This year, we heard topics ranging from Guru Nanak Dev Ji to Bhagat Puran Singh Ji with lots of students speaking in Punjabi, and some without any notes! A huge thank you to all the judges, stage coordinators, time keepers and sewadaars without whom the smooth running of this programme would not have been possible. Once again, well done to everyone who took part as the feedback was very positive and we hope for an even greater turnout next year!


Kirtan Competition 2020

Well done to all the students who took part in the Hemkunt Kirtan Competition on 22nd February! Everyone performed exceptionally well and we received great feedback from parents, teachers and the judges. We had participants ranging from ages 7-25 in 4 jathas, and for many, it was the first time performing on stage, so a huge well done to everybody! The groups were assigned with the raags Sorath, Vadhans, and Bihaaghra and performed starting with a short introduction of the Shabad and raag in both English and Punjabi, followed by the shaan (musical interlude), manglacharan and the Shabad.


Winter Programme 2019

We are extremely grateful to all the students, parents, teachers and volunteers for making this programme successful! This year, we were enlightened with a wide range of presentations from Guru Nanak Dev Ji's travels and Sikh philosophy, to inspiring poetry and Raag Kirtan. This year's theme was Nanakshahi 550 and each Punjabi and Kirtan Class performed exceptionally well so a huge well done to you all! We are also very thankful to the volunteers of the BAA Security Staff team who were once again preparing langer from 5am!


Beach Trip 2019

This year's beach trip was on 14th July and overall, it was an enjoyable way to end another successful year of hard work and achievement by all our students, teachers and volunteers. The journey began from Villiers High School, and by coach we all set off for an exciting trip! We first headed to Gravesend Gurudwara where out students and teachers did some blissful Kirtan. We then had langer and got ready to set off back on our journey. We then headed for Margate Beach where everyone had a relaxing time making sandcastles, swimming and having ice cream!

Winter Programme 2018.jpg

Winter Programme 2018

Thanks once again to all our students, parents, and our phenomenal team of volunteers for making the Winter Programme such a success! We enjoyed a range of fantastic, thought-provoking presentations covering Sikh history, philosophy, poetry, and Gurbani Kirtan by each Punjabi and Kirtan class, based on the theme of equality (ਬਰਾਬਰਤਾ). Everyone also enjoyed some lovely langar made by a team of volunteers from BAA Security staff who were busy with preparations from 5am!

sms gatka.jpeg

SMS Camp 2018

The Sikh Missionary Camp was from the 29th of July to the 4th of August. During this period, the students enjoyed a wide range of activities, such as learning gatka and karate, engaging in talks and discussions, learning and playing badminton and having a movie night, in which they watched the film, 'The Rise of Khalsa'. Students were also able to learn basic life support and CPR. Overall, it was a very enjoyable, interactive and educational experience.


Beach Trip 2018

On Sunday the 15th of July, students and staff from SSSEC travelled to Southampton to visit the Southampton Gurdwara. The students also performed enlightening Kirtan. After this, they went to Bournemouth Beach, and swam in the English Channel. All of the staff and students thoroughly enjoyed this trip and would love to go again next year.


Summer Programme 2018

This year, our Summer Programme was held on the 8th of July, in which we heard all of the classes perform pieces in Punjabi. The subject of each piece varied, from learning about fruits and vegetables with Naveen Paniri and Class One, to listening to poems told by our GCSE classes. Additionally, we were treated to beautiful shabads by our Kirtan classes. It was a pleasing end of the year in which our Punjabi GCSE and A-Level students received excellent results in their exams!

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